Gosia Bednarz is a licensed cosmetologist, aromatherapist and Reiki Practicioner. She completed her education and additional certificates in holistic beauty and wellness in New York and Poland. She has been working in prestigious spas in Manhattan, learning the best treatments and working with the best skin care lines & professionals. Her own priceless experience gained her confidence and valuable knowledge that she wants to share with you.

Since she was a teenager she had a great love for skin care but her true passion for holistic beauty began when she came to New York. Her skin problems and her desire for healthy skin led her to take care of it on her own.  She went from one dermatologist to another, tried estheticians & desperately tried to get rid of acne after spending thousands of dollars to have beautiful skin and feel confident again. Well, it sadly didn’t happen and her confidence dropped to an all time low.

She  never gave up. She attended different schools & courses and thankfully met people that introduced her to making products from raw ingredients. At the same time she felt this magical spark that this is “It”.  And it was. Her skin started to clear and her family members, friends and neighbors were the ones she started testing her products on. Since then she has helped many people with different skin conditions, but also self-confidence issues. Her B.You skincare products are made from the highest quality ingredients mixed with lots of compassion, love and desire to help others.

”There is a saying that true beauty comes from within, but what happens when you do not feel beautiful?“


B.You is a skin care line of all natural beauty products made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Using only the finest essential oils without the use of any synthetic products, parabens or chemicals. 

B.You products give your skin all that it needs to stay beautiful and healthy without taxing it with harsh chemicals or sulfates.